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Inner Conflict: How Parts Integration Can Transform Your Life

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

We often find ourselves torn between conflicting desires and decisions. A part of us wants one thing, while another part pushes in a different direction. This inner conflict is a natural aspect of being human, but it can escalate, leading to anxiety, procrastination, avoidance that leaves us feeling stuck. The good news is, you are among millions of people with inner conflict that feels out of balance around the world, you are definitely not alone. There’s a powerful tool called Parts Integration in clinical hypnotherapy that can help you regain control over these internal battles.

As we explore how Parts Integration can transform your life, we will cover:

-Understanding Inner Conflict in daily life

-The impact of unresolved Inner Conflict

-The role of Hypnotherapy in resolving Inner Conflicts

-The effectiveness of Hypnotherapy

One part wants something, another whats something totally different
Parts Therapy is a method based on the Psychosynthesis, used under hypnosis to resolve inner conflict

Understanding Inner Conflict in Daily Life

The constant struggle between different desires is something we all experience. Whether it’s choosing between a healthy salad (because you know ultimately that is what will be better for your body) and a burger (because you’ve had a long day, things have not been great and you feel you deserve a reward) for lunch or deciding whether to take the leap into a new career, or sticking to what you have (just in case you fail, what if you don't make it? what will people say?) these internal battles are part of our human journey. When we feel in harmony, all these parts are in balance, and if they are marginally out of balance they typically don't interfere too much with our happiness. However, when these conflicts intensify, one part becomes too loud let’s say, it can lead to : procrastination, avoidance, hindering our ability to make concrete decisions, we lose trust ourselves, the list goes on.

Often these avoidance tactics compromises our integrity and leaves us feeling guilty or not good enough.

The Impact of Unresolved Inner Conflict

When we allow inner conflicts to persist, they take a toll on our mental well-being. Stress and anxiety can take hold, affecting our relationships and overall quality of life. Recognizing the signs of escalating inner conflicts is the first step towards positive change.

The Role of Hypnotherapy in Resolving Inner Conflict

Parts Therapy is a method pioneered by Charles Tebbetts and based on the Psychosynthesis approach which was originally developed by Roberto Assagioli M.D .

In this technique hypnosis is used to identify the conflicting parts that are impacting the wellbeing of the client, then helps those parts negotiate with each other through the therapist to bring about a resolution. The focus is to achieve an agreement, a coming together, of the various parts of an individual's personality into a more cohesive self.

Another major aspect is its affirmation of the spiritual dimension of the person, i.e. the "higher", "deeper", “the all knowing” self. This higher self is seen as a source of wisdom, inspiration, unconditional love, and higher good to the client.

This method is used during a hypnotic session of some depth, usually after a couple of initial sessions during which other methods are used to strengthen self-esteem and develop trust with the hypnotherapist. This technique is most effective when there is an inner conflict that prevents a client from achieving a goal they consciously want to achieve but which seems to elude them.

If the client feels like they have tried everything but they seem to be defeated by forces almost 'outside of themselves' it is an indication that there may be a subconscious part of them who that is not wanting this change. This is where hypnotherapy really does what other therapies cannot, by working directly with the subconscious, it addresses the core issues that contribute to procrastination, avoidance, anxiety or whatever the part is bringing up.

The way to deal with this part is by understand it fully. Usually, these "parts" of us have been created for our good. At some stage over our lifetime, they served us by protecting us or helping us cope. They are a natural part of our defense mechanisms. However, as our environments changed, we developed and grew, so new agreements have to be made and old understandings revised.


a woman giving feedback at her therapy session
Some feedback from clients who have experienced this hypnotherapy technique

Real-Life Examples of Hypnotherapy Success

Many individuals have experienced significant improvements in their lives after undergoing clinical hypnotherapy. Treatments programs at Playground of the Mind include using breath-work, mindfulness, NLP, somatic tools, mindset reprogramming, coaching and hypnosis.

Clients found themselves making confident decisions, overcoming avoidance, conquering procrastination and fear. Here is what some had to say:

quotation mark

“Surprise surprise I had a great sleep last night and I am more relaxed and have better energy. Thank you for the sessions. I will remember this” ~ Artist

“I knew I needed help, although I didn't realise how badly, and I didn't know where to start. I'm so so grateful for everything you've done for me. You may well have saved my career, maybe a lot more. So for that I'm forever indebted to you.” ~ Medical Professional

“I have a very intense high paced work life with constant deadline and pressures from my team and clients. I was getting to a place for burn out and needed some perspective as to how to be more efficient at work. Paris was able to clear my head with very simple and clear exercises. Although my work is high paced as ever my ability to focus and delegate

more effectively has improved, creating a better working environment for me.

Highly recommended.” ~ Partner, Global recruitment company

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Embracing Inner Harmony

In a world filled with distractions and decisions, inner conflict can be a significant roadblock. Deep down you know it is essential to recognize when these conflicts are getting out of hand. Sometimes we don’t take action because we feel it will cause pain on others, or because we think it will be harder than we can bear. Clinical hypnotherapy provides a clear path to resolution, helping you regain trust in yourself and make choices that align with your goals and values.

Remember what we resist, persists.


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