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& Public Speaking

Sweaty palms, racing heart, shaking hands , the inability to speak, butterflies flapping wildly in your gut ? Sound familiar? Nerves can play havoc in our career or performance.


Nerves may reign supreme for some of us, during a performance or public speaking, which is incredibly debilitating and stressful. These feelings of anxiety are involuntary, which makes them hard to anticipate and deal with, their impact can be mental, physical and emotional. Trying not to be nervous at this point is a bit like telling yourself not to blink.


Consciously we want to be confident and assured, but our inner protector – the subconscious – often has a very different method of survival planned for us. It prepares us for engagements.


At Playground of the Mind, we focus on relaxing the body deeply which soothes the brain to trigger a positive wave of feelings.


Instead of triggering the fight or flight reaction, or the default pattern of stress, we can remove these prohibitors permanently. We can also work to clear any unwanted, unhelpful and limiting beliefs you may have about yourself – or about your ability & your confidence.


During this process, we use anchoring to embed helpful belief systems and perceptions that will support you towards the positive outcomes.


How we view ourselves is a pivotal factor in enhancing our performance. Using hypnosis for performance or exam anxiety will help you to rehearse positive improvements in your everyday, on stage, during an interview or in an exam.

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Queen's Park, London, UK

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