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Right now your team is getting to grips with a new way of working. With additional emotional pressures of the unknown, this can be challenging and undoubtedly impacts the overall performance and their happiness at work.  

Unfortunately, dealing with our emotions effectively is not something that we are taught to do within our education system. Logical problem solving, yes, dealing with stress, anxiety, and adapting our emotions effectively… no. Most of us ignore it, or worse still hide it and pretend we are completely fine because showing emotion is synonymous with weakness in the work culture.

Empowering through education is one our core values. It is by understanding, that we gain control and can make effective change. You can equip your team with the tools that will give them control and understanding when it comes to their emotional wellness. We will provide an informative talk within an open and supportive environment, enabling the group to connect. Providing a personalised experience, answering individual questions with deeper insight on what your team requests.

When your team know that they are cared for as individuals, and feel their needs matter just as the needs of your business does, you will see a change. They feel valued and will trust your direction. A positive move towards how they relate to each other and to themselves.

 It is our responsibility to provide an environment that cares for the mental wellbeing of the people that we spend so much time with. 

All our talks are now being delivered on Zoom, which means we can connect with all your teams simultaneously, international or at home, much more than you can fit in a meeting room. Fantastic for consistency, with no travel time or expenses for anyone. Work has never looked like this for us either – but we love it.

Get in touch and we can discuss what we can help you with.

Tel: 07828905737


Queen's Park, London, UK

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