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Finding Balance

Some of us just want to chill out and escape the pressures of everyday life. Finding peace and inner harmony. It is a calming, soothing, rebalancing, refocussing, cantering and grounding experience, unlike almost any other relaxation experience.


This also provides the ideal mental state to facilitate change. You will feel lighter, think better and feel better. It is deeply relaxing. When you allow your mind to slow down, you let the body reach a level of homeostasis that we don’t give ourselves time to reach within the modern lifestyles that we lead.


There is a certain level of wisdom within us, call it your intuition or your gut feeling that we have turned right down. This session will teach you to listen. Who knows what you’ve been missing?


Relaxation and breathing techniques are taught in the session as this is a very important part of getting the body and mind to slow down and the conscious mind to take a break so the subconscious can play its part and accept the suggestions you need for success.

It is a practice that will allow you to regain control of your mind and thoughts in any situation. This is one of our favourite sessions, because the only goal is a calmer and happier you.

Tel: 07828905737


Queen's Park, London, UK

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