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Stress Management

Did you know that 80% of people are stressed but only 50% recognise it in themselves?


But not all stress is bad. A term we don’t use very often is something called Eustress, the Greek prefix ‘eu’ meaning good, put together with stress - it literally means ‘good stress’!


Good stress can be motivating, allowing you to get to your peak. Physically you feel satisfaction. It enhances our performance, so for example if you are an actor or an athlete you would thrive off the eustress to perform better.


However, what we usually operate in is a state of distress, and this is what we usually mean when we say we are stressed. Excessive stress over a prolonged period of time can lead to mental and physical illness, like depression, a nervous breakdown, heart disease, high blood pressure, skin conditions or even burnout - which is now recognised as an occupational conditioning according to the World Health Organisation.


Regardless of who you are, what status you hold or what you do in life, stress is always going to find us. Workplace challenges, family issues and financial setbacks are just some of the triggers, but you can learn how to manage this added tension and use it to your advantage.


When you are already stretched, any disease can be complicated further by stress.


The following are symptoms of stress:


-Over tiredness





-Chest Pains

-Heart palpitations

-Sexual problems

-Loss of appetite or overeating


-Inability to make decisions

-Crying often

-Fear of failure

-Lack of humour


-Low self esteem


Being proactive rather than reactive will serve you better in the long run. You can choose to take control and be the driver rather than the passenger.

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