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The beliefs we have about ourselves can feel ingrained and difficult to change. Our self-esteem is what we think about ourselves and how much we value ourselves. It is our self-perception, an amalgamation of our opinions, thoughts, and the capabilities that we think we have.

These opinions are often formed in childhood, they are heavily influenced by our experiences and the people we are surrounded by. If one was bullied at school’ for example, or had critical parents who often praised their siblings instead, it is possible that they will struggle with confidence and low self-esteem.

Having low confidence can have a huge impact on our happiness because it makes it difficult for us to recognises what we are good at. This can hold us back professionally and personally. We might struggle to practice self-care, which can lead to stress and burnout.  When we do not believe that we are capable, we avoid trying new things and are reluctant to leave our comfort zone. We might begin to feel trapped.

Many factors can result in low confidence or low self-esteem, and they will differ from one person to another. Some examples include:

-Being abused

-Being bullied

-Struggling to find a job

-Losing your job



-Relationship difficulties

-Body image concerns

-Money problems

-Physical or mental health conditions

-Overly critical parents


Long term low self-esteem can lead to depression and anxiety.  

The negative perceptions that we have about ourselves are created because our subconscious is attempting to protect us by preventing us from having repeated bad experiences and the emotions associated with that. Low self-esteem is effectively a learnt behaviour; it is something we have learnt after years of repetitive thinking. Because this behaviour is subconscious, it is difficult to alter through willpower alone. 

And this, is precisely why hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool. The aim of hypnotherapy is to ‘talk’ directly to the subconscious - where the negative thoughts about ourselves live, to change these negative thinking patterns and encourage positive responses. 

At Playground of the Mind we will assist you to unlearn these behaviours and to create new ones. We will coach you, through self-development tools, and train you in self-hypnosis, to reinforce our work between sessions. 

So rather than a critical voice, your subconscious is taught to be encouraging and supportive. 

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