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Playground of the Mind

Change your life

Playground of the Mind is a wellbeing and Hypnotherapy practice for anyone who needs support on their journey.

Have you ever daydreamed? Got lost in a good book? Drove from A to B without even thinking about it? Meditated? Then you have experienced a state of mind that is very close to hypnosis. It is an extremely relaxing trance-like state of awareness. That feeling of being between awake and asleep will give you a very good idea of what hypnosis feels like. It's said we go into trance, on average, once every 7 minutes a day. You can bring yourself out of this state anytime you like and you are certainly in full control. It is actually a very normal everyday state of being.


"All you can look for is progress not perfection. The value is in the practice and the progress"

- Paris Macgarr

About us


Raheel M.

Founder & Program Director Aspire Dental Academy

Dentistry is a very stressful profession and many dentists deal with anxiety. This is why I decided to approach Paris and ask her to deliver a webinar on dealing with stress and anxiety for a group of over 300 dentists. The webinar was fantastic and very well received. “Life changing” was a response from one of the participants, “This will benefit both my personal and professional life immensely” was feedback from another. We have already signed up Paris to deliver more content for us and we look forward to her continually helping our profession.


Isabel R.


I had never had hypnotherapy before until I decided to try a session with Paris at Playground of the Mind. Having been experiencing a time of high anxiety and uncertainty in so many areas of my life, I wanted to gain back some control of my emotions and thought processes. I have previously used guided meditation, however I wanted to have a personal and more specific targeted approach.



Talent Manager

Trishna M.

I feel comfortable and have confidence in Paris’s abilities. She is excellent and knowledgeable. Hypnotherapy gets to the point of an issue at the beginning of the first sessions, unlike other therapies I have tried.



Dupe A.

Having never been to a hypnotherapist before, I was concerned that I would be one of people that can’t be hypnotised as my mind goes at a million miles an hour! Paris made me feel very calm and at ease and within minutes I was in a trance. After the first session I already felt so much calmer and more in control and this feeling has stayed with me ever since. She has an ability to calm and centre me and has given me lifelong tools that I can use to feel more in control and focused during times of stress.


Interior Designer

Julia B.

My sessions with Paris were immensely helpful and insightful. Through her thoughtfully guided hypnosis, she helped me establish some necessary boundaries in an interpersonal relationship. Since then, I have felt much calmer and peaceful with regards to that relationship. An added bonus is that I can also call on the self-hypnosis techniques Paris taught me during other stressful moments in my life. I highly recommend her as a practitioner - she is intuitive, calm and empathic.




Queen's Park, London, NW6 

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