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A Single 30 minute session.

Learn to Pay attention on purpose to the present moment.


Mindfulness is the practice of:

  • Stepping back from being lost in thought
  • Bringing your attention fully into the present moment
  • Observing whatever arises in awareness with friendly curiosity
  • It is non judgmental and accepting of whatever arises be it pleasant or unpleasant


Mindfulness Practice leads to:

  • Less worry about the past or future
  • Less criticism of self and others
  • More acceptance of the present moment as it is
  • A different way of relating to and coping with sensations, emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  • A greater sense of being a part of life


This is more than a gift, it is an experience.


  • This gift session is valid for 90 days from the date of delivery.

    We have made this as relaxing as possible, the session will be conducted over Zoom. This means that they can be used  from the comfort of home and practically from any place in the world.

    How amazing is that!


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